Our Environment, Our Responsibility

Think Environment Campaign

This programme focusses on children in primary and high schools between the age of 8 and 16. They are provided with educational programmes such as tree planting, environmental protection, climate change awareness and mineral resource management. Additionally, the children are provided with a platform to showcase poetry, infographics and planting of trees. The campaign has already made significant strides, touching the lives of over 1500 children across several schools in Zambia.

As the campaign continues to expand its reach, embracing more young minds in its transformative journey, it steadily paves the way for a tomorrow where harmony between humans and nature isn’t just an aspiration, but a reality that we collectively create. Through knowledge, inspiration, and action, the Think Environment campaign resonates as a force for positive change, reminding us that our planet’s preservation is a shared responsibility and a gift we bestow upon the generations to come.