Our Environment, Our Responsibility

St Francis and Clare Secondary School

The Youth Environmental Defenders, embarked on a tree planting initiative at St. Francis and Clare Secondary School on 17th June. A total of 17 trees were carefully planted as part of this significant environmental endeavour. The event had a meaningful interaction unfolded with 70 pupils, resulting in a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights. The youth environmental defenders passionately communicated the critical importance of safeguarding the environment through tree planting, while also underscoring the broader significance of environmental protection.

The pupils in attendance showcased their fervent commitment to environmental preservation, enthusiastically sharing their efforts in maintaining a clean and vibrant school environment. Particularly inspiring were the accounts from the members of the school’s “Friends of Nature” environmental club. Witnessing their dedication and initiatives left the youth environmental defenders deeply moved and motivated. As a call to action, the event urged other secondary schools to embrace the challenge and establish environmental clubs akin to the “Friends of Nature” at St. Francis and Clare Secondary School. This tree planting program, an ongoing endeavor, aspires to extend its reach to other schools, aiming to engage with more students, spreading awareness, and cultivating a generation dedicated to nurturing our planet.