Our Environment, Our Responsibility

About Us

Who We Are

Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) is an outstanding institution with its own unique identity and a proud distinct history in Zambia. CEJ is a non-governmental organization established in 2010 whose mandate is to create platforms and processes that promote environmental justice for most vulnerable people in society. Anchored on this mandate, CEJ fosters access to quality and accurate information on environmental protection, extractive industries, sustainable energy, climate change, water security and agriculture with the ultimate aim of enhancing accountability for better decision making and sustainable development as well as a support safe and adaptive environment as basic fundamental human rights to having a better and prosperous livelihood.

Areas Of Work

Information dissemination, campaigns & awareness, advocating for policy development and implementation, research, traditional leaders engagement, Policy dialogue, capacity building, lobby and advocacy, community engagement & participation; and Community theatre for action.

Our Role as Civil Society

Playing a critical important role in bringing emerging environmental issues to the attention of policy makers, raising public awareness, promoting innovative ideas and approaches, and promoting transparency as well as non-corrupt activities in environmental decision-making. Furthermore, ensure accountability and sustainability of natural resource management, inclusive socio-economic development and equitable cost and benefit sharing.


To assist vulnerable and marginalised communities thrive in advocating for environmental sustainability and sustainable management of natural resources while contributing to sustainable development in its aspects.


A Zambia where everyone has access to a clean and healthy environment and natural resources, and where environmental justice is upheld and protected.


To promote environmental justice and sustainability by empowering communities, advocating for policies and regulations that protect the environment and public health, and providing technical assistance and support to stakeholders.


Our Environment Our Responsibility