Our Environment, Our Responsibility

Lets Talk Climate Friday

“Let’s Talk Climate Friday” is a dynamic initiative that fosters ongoing discussions on critical environmental topics through a combination of weekly webinars and in-person conversations. This program serves as a comprehensive platform for addressing a diverse range of climate-related issues, including climate change, environmental sustainability, renewable energy, water access, livelihoods, mineral resources, and agriculture. Drawing from a diverse array of voices, the program features speakers spanning young professionals, youth activists, leaders, children, and mentors, creating a rich tapestry of perspectives. Through this engaging and inclusive approach, “Let’s Talk Climate Friday” facilitates a robust exchange of ideas and knowledge, enabling participants to forge a deeper understanding of pressing environmental challenges and collaborate on innovative solutions.

The “Let’s Talk Climate Friday” initiative has conducted five sessions, including one physical event on Women’s Day to honor women in climate action, and four online sessions. These discussions have centered on the significance of young women’s involvement in combating climate change, converting waste into income opportunities for the youth, exploring the role of environmental defenders and human rights, and addressing climate change adaptation in Zambia, particularly in relation to the prevalent flooding issues. The program has provided a platform for diverse topics, fostering engagement and awareness on critical environmental challenges.