Our Environment, Our Responsibility

Libala Secondary School

The think environment awareness activity was conducted at Libala Secondary School on 21st June, 2023, rallying the enthusiasm of 20 young advocates devoted to cultivating environmental consciousness. This initiative was geared towards enlightening both students and the broader community about the perils of plastic pollution, while also accentuating the pivotal significance of the three R’s: reuse, reduce, and recycle. The call-to-action impelled students to take the lead in instituting recycling campaigns within the school’s premises. Beyond the mere collection and proper disposal of recyclable materials, her directive extended to peer education on segregating diverse plastic types, facilitating a streamlined recycling process. This endeavour aimed to instil a profound sense of accountability and proactive engagement, thus fostering a robust culture of recycling within the school community.

The Think Environment Campaign stands as a compelling testament to the potency of youth-driven initiatives in the realm of sustainability. Through a synergy of education, innovation, and advocacy, these resolute students have kindled awareness, triggered transformative change, and charted a promising trajectory towards a more ecologically harmonious future. With the campaign’s ascendancy gathering momentum, these efforts are poised to make substantial contributions to the global endeavour for a tidier, healthier planet.