Our Environment, Our Responsibility

St Eugene Primary School

st eugene primary school, kenya

The think environment campaign’s influence has reverberated powerfully within the Kenyan context, as evidenced by the active participation of over 50 students from St. Eugene Primary School on the 6th July,2023. This surge in involvement not only underscores the campaign’s resonance but also showcases the universal nature of its ideals—its remarkable ability to transcend geographical boundaries and unite young minds from various corners of the world in a cohesive movement towards sustainability.

Through the engagement of these Kenyan students, the campaign’s message takes on new life, resonating with local environmental concerns while simultaneously connecting with a global network of like-minded youth. The students’ enthusiastic embrace of the campaign exemplifies the potential for shared values and aspirations to bridge gaps and create a shared commitment to safeguarding our planet. As the campaign continues to extend its influence, these interconnected efforts contribute to a broader narrative of global cooperation for a greener and more resilient future.