Our Environment, Our Responsibility

Kamwala South Secondary School

The kick start Think Environment campaign was at Kamwala South Secondary School on 8th June, 2023. The event garnered an enthusiastic audience, composed of students from grade 5 to 12 making a total of 1360 students. The primary objective was to instil environmental awareness and ignite a passion for proactive environmental action. Commencing with an introduction that underscored the pivotal role of the environment in sustaining life and biodiversity, the manager seamlessly integrated the theme of World Environment Day, focusing on the pressing issue of plastic pollution. The students were actively engaged as they delved into the concepts of “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle,” uncovering practical strategies to curtail plastic waste in their daily routines and exploring inventive means of repurposing items that might otherwise contribute to landfills. The prospect of transforming discarded items into valuable assets resonated with everyone, fostering excitement.

The presentation further underscored the merits of promoting a green economy, wherein sustainable practices hold the potential not only to safeguard the environment but also to foster employment and prospects for forthcoming generations. This symbiotic relationship between nature and communities emerged as a key takeaway. The Think Environment campaign, designed to empower young minds as environmental advocates, aspires to sculpt a more promising future for the planet. By inspiring and guiding the youth, a collective drive towards positive change and the construction of a sustainable world is ignited.