Our Environment, Our Responsibility

Extractive Industries, Sustainable Energy, Environmental Protection, Climate Change,
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“Our Environment, Our Responsibility”

Who We Are: Centre for Environment Justice

Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) is an outstanding institution with its own unique identity and a proud distinct history in Zambia. CEJ is a non-governmental organization established in 2010 whose mandate is to create platforms and processes that promote environmental justice for most vulnerable people in society. Anchored on this mandate, CEJ fosters access to quality and accurate information on environmental protection, extractive industries, sustainable energy, climate change, water security and agriculture with the ultimate aim of enhancing accountability for better decision making and sustainable development as well as a support safe and adaptive environment as basic fundamental human rights to having a better and prosperous livelihood.


A Zambia where everyone has access to a clean and healthy environment and natural resources, and where environmental justice is upheld and protected.


To promote environmental justice and sustainability by empowering communities, advocating for policies and regulations that protect the environment and public health, and providing technical assistance and support to stakeholders.


Our Aim

To assist vulnerable and marginalised communities thrive in advocating for environmental sustainability and sustainable management of natural resources while contributing to sustainable development in its aspects.

Our Role as Civil Society

Playing a critical important role in bringing emerging environmental issues to the attention of policy makers, raising public awareness, promoting innovative ideas and approaches, and promoting transparency as well as non-corrupt activities in environmental decision-making. Furthermore, ensure accountability and sustainability of natural resource management, inclusive socio-economic development and equitable cost and benefit sharing.

Our Strengths

This includes community mobilisation and engagement, Lobby and advocacy, research, campaigns, policy dialogues, traditional leaders’ engagements, information collection and dissemination, environmental assessment and monitoring, GIS Analysis and conference/meeting management.

Platforms and processes

We have created annual environmental accountability platforms and processes that brings together multi-stakeholders to discuss matter of environmental protection, mineral resources management, climate change and forestry. This includes the Environmental Protection Dialogue (EPD), Traditional Leaders Caucus, Youth Forestry Indaba and Civil Society Climate Justice Space.

2024 Environmental Protection Dialogue


Date: 9th to 11th October

Venue: Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Kenneth Kaunda Wing,

Lusaka - Zambia


Statements From Our Partners

"Deliberate continuous environmental remediation by like-minded mining companies is critical in promoting environmental sustainability" -FQM
"It is important for various stakeholders to continue to collaborate in ensuring sustainable management of natural resources while enhancing and securing local livelihoods of Zambian citizens and the future ahead.'" -ActionAid
"We believe we can fight this consequential threat and build a safer, healthier and more resilient future for people and nature . We must rethink the way we produce and consume energy, food, and water; protect the world's forests; and help people prepare for a changing world." -WWF
"To avoid an irreversible climate crisis, we need to halve global emissions by 2030, and achieve carbon-neutral economies by 2050." -UNPD
"All our actions are based on the principles of our work - the principles of transparency, accountability, and the assumption of responsibility in the handling of power and resources." -BftW
"The poorest are always hit the hardest in times of crisis. Many lives are lost each year due to the lack of clean water in emergencies. This is why we provide clean water first. Together we save lives and protect the vulnerable." -NCA
"We seek to strengthen the voice and agency of marginalized groups through building regional networks that endorse effective and credible voices for policy change." -SAT

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Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land

Our role as civil society in the conservation agenda is well defined and we are well placed to contribute positively towards achieving it. We also fully understand that Environmental protection has never been a burden but a source of innovation.

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