Our Environment, Our Responsibility

Public Lecture: Waste Management and the Green Economy

The recent public lecture held at the Information and Communication University (ICU), jointly hosted by the Centre for Environmental Justice and ICU’s Environmental Society, was a pivotal platform focusing on waste management and the green economy.
With 50 engaged participants, the event featured Ms. Mvula’s emphasis on informed youth engagement, stressing strategic positioning and the responsible use of social media. Ms. Njobvu highlighted lucrative opportunities within waste management, advocating for proactive learning and volunteering. Mr. Mwangwela’s insights on leveraging EQ, IQ, and AI for progress, along with Mr. Charles’s call for collaboration, echoed a unified effort towards a sustainable future.
The lecture served as an inspirational catalyst for budding environmental enthusiasts, igniting a sense of responsibility and commitment to effect positive environmental changes. The event marked not just the end of a discussion but the commencement of a journey for inspired individuals eager to make a difference in the environmental landscape.