Our Environment, Our Responsibility

Volunteering and Internship

CEJ has four (4) spaces every six (6) months with application window of November to December and April to May.  We have two types of Volunteer/Intern programs.

1. Open Volunteering Programs:

This program is for any people wishing to contribute to our area of focus. These could be experts in specific fields or community members who are convinced should add value to the work of CEJ through a placement of 2 – 6 months.

2. International Student Program

CEJ has an International Student Program Project meant for international students pursuing various areas of study to have hands-on experience work to broaden their knowledge through a 1 to 3 months placement of volunteer/intern work.

The overall objective of the program is international students contribution to improving livelihoods, enhance community development in Zambia with hands-on experience in specific projects while broadening their knowledge for future work.