Our Environment, Our Responsibility

Climate Change Symposium

The Earth Caucus kick started with a Climate Change Symposium, held on July 28th, 2023, at the MJ Kelly Lecturer Theater of the University of Zambia, emerged as a pivotal platform for advancing environmental consciousness and youth engagement in climate change matters. Co-hosted by the Center for Environment Justice (CEJ) and the Environmental Education and Management Student Association, the symposium convened prominent speakers and passionate advocates to delve into various dimensions of climate change.

The symposium reached 80 students at the University of Zambia including great east road campus and ridgeway campus. Discussions ranged from legal aspects to international opportunities, health implications, and the significance of youth involvement. The event commenced with a warm welcome, emphasized the role of law in environmental protection, spotlighted international opportunities for youth advocacy, explored climate’s impact on health, highlighted university-level engagement, and unveiled strategies for seizing climate-related opportunities. The symposium’s comprehensive insights and engaging interactions fortified its role as a catalyst for nurturing environmental awareness and inspiring collective action.