Our Environment, Our Responsibility



The Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) was formed  in 2010 as a legally registered non-governmental organization whose work focus includes Extractive Industries Accountability in Extractive Industries, Climate Change and Agriculture, Sustainable Energy, Climate Change and Agriculture. CEJ’s mandate is based on the belief that a safe environment is a basic fundamental human right and that individual children, youths, women, men and the general population have the right to access quality and accurate information on Extractive Industries, Energy, Environmental Conservation, Climate Change and Agriculture. CEJ’s Vision is to become a “Centre for Environmental Justice” and action for sustainable development at Community, District and National level. Its Mission is to empower, enhance and strengthen environmentally challenged communities, youth, children, women and men by involving them in promoting environmental justice and sustainable management of natural resources.

The Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) has partnered with Bread for the World (BftW) of Germany, to undertake a project, Mining Community Voices and Alternative Livelihood Project which is focusing on communities and the mining activities in Sinazongwe Districts of Southern Province in Zambia.

The purpose of the project is to contribute to improving the living conditions of the communities living near Maamba and Collum coal mines. Ultimately, it is hoped that the mining companies will  take on greater social and environmental responsibility, through increased dialogues and harmonious relations with stakeholders, and communities in the district. CEJ has since earmarked on a number of interventions that are tailored towards prompting 1) Sustainable alternative livelihoods through Community empowerment with food sufficiency and sources of income, and 2) Environmental protection and sustainability by Advocating for environmental justice and Corporate Social Environmental Responsibilities (CSER) within the mining communities.

CEJ believes that, it is cardinal to continue monitoring the implementation of CSER models, and particularly enhancing community voices through social accountability platforms  and monitoring tools that enhance reporting, feedback, and exchange of information and findings on emerging issues and to encourage interface and accountability among communities, stakeholders, the mining companies, and emerging business. The project has prioritized the development and usage of mobile and computer based application platforms to support and facilitate  monitoring and reporting challenges and achievement in regards to CSER from the community, district, up to national levels. The CSER Application must be sufficiently and flexibly be used as a social accountability too among mining communities and CEJ  in order to track challenges, best practices, and progress.

CEJ invites separate technical and financial proposals from qualified individuals or institutions to express their interest and apply as CSER Community Monitoring and Reporting (Mobile – Computer) Application Development Consultant.

Desired Expertise, Competency & Experience

  • Academic/Professional background in Computer Systems and ICT Mobile Applications, Platforms Development and Management tools or equivalent.

  • In depth expertise in Mobile and ICT data reporting and sharing platforms.

  • Practical experience in similar assignments and proven track record.

  • Familiarity working with Donor supported projects, Civil Society,and Communities;

  • Demonstrable understanding of aspects of Environmental sustainability, Extractive Industries and Mining in Zambia, and Development.

Responsibilities of the Consultancy:

The consultant shall:

  • Providing advice and guidance to CEJ team on suitable and appropriate Mobile Application System and version allowing for easier reporting, pictorial correlation and capture, data cross transmission, and sharing

  • The development and installation of the Mobile Applications including Tablets, Smart Phones, Android phones, etc.

  • Develop the App Manual for operations.

  • Providing a two-day training orientation in the management, accessibility, and usage of the Application for key staff of CEJ and Representatives of Communities from Project Sites.

  • Providing feedback on pilot application of the devised system and programme with regards to practicality and quality of data analysis, processing, transmission, and sharing in group and individual form, and with and among CEJ designated project partners.

  • Develop information sharing, capture, and dissemination guidelines for staff, community members to ensure accessibility, quality and security.

  • Liaise with the implementing Technical and CEJ teams at all levels.

Applicants must send technical proposal which must include – among others – a proposed; a) technical offer and 2) Financial proposal/budget. The expert should also submit with the proposal detailed profiles/CVs listing qualifications, experiences and references and cover letters addressed to the Executive Director by email: send to copying and .

Closing date is 17:00hrs 3rd March 2020. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for further details