Our Environment, Our Responsibility


The Sikalonso Savings Group in the Mweemba Chiefdom area has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the second group, following Kanyama, to successfully complete their investment loan agreement within the designated 6-month timeframe. Notably, the other two groups in the Sinazongwe Chiefdom, Mweenzuma A and B, are also on track to meet their respective deadlines.
However, these groups have encountered unexpected business challenges, largely attributed to environmental factors. Members involved in poultry farming have faced losses due to extreme weather conditions, which adversely affected their chickens. Additionally, those engaged in animal husbandry have suffered losses due to the outbreak of Anthrax, impacting both livestock and human health, leading to the Ministry of Health imposing a meat ban. Sikalonso and Mweenzuma B have been particularly hard-hit, even after successfully repaying their loans.
In response to these challenges, the three groups have diversified their activities by engaging in the buying and selling of kapenta to sustain their projects. They have not given up on poultry entirely, but are actively implementing measures to mitigate the impact of high temperatures, such as providing chicks with ample water and sheltering them in areas with a cool breeze. This demonstrates their dedication and commitment to the success of their projects, despite the time-consuming efforts required. As a result, they continue to maintain surviving chickens.
Their skills and ability to mitigate the challenges is as a result of entrepreneurship skills training they have received from CEJ, which encourages business adaptation and diversification for group business capital to remain floating in the face of such unforeseen business challenges.

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