Our Environment, Our Responsibility

Girls Training on Climate Change - Matero Constituency

On September 23, 2023, a training session for girls in Matero, Muchinga Ward, focused on climate change and environmental awareness. Organized by the Centre for Environment Justice in partnership with the Girl Inspiration Group, this event targeted girls aged 9 to 16.

The session aimed to introduce climate change concepts, highlight its relevance in Zambia and promote the use of eco-friendly reusable pads. The girls actively engaged in discussions about climate change causes, such as burning and deforestation, and learned about the environmental impact of disposable sanitary pads.They also discussed how climate change contributes to poverty and its negative effects on young girls, including early marriages and health risks.

The participants identified solutions like tree planting and recycling. This event concluded with a positive atmosphere, with the girls demonstrating a deep understanding of climate change and a commitment to eco-friendly practices and environmental conservation. It marked a significant step toward empowering young girls to address climate change and contribute to a sustainable future.