Our Environment, Our Responsibility

Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) is a Zambian Civil society organisation established in 2010 that focuses on environmental sustainability addressing five thematic areas which include Environmental Protection, Sustainable Energy, Climate Change, Extractives, Agriculture and Water. CEJ, with support from WWF Zambia, is implementing the Disability Inclusion Climate Action (DiCA) Project in Chirundu district. This project is an initiative under the Amplifying Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) which is a 5-year programme (2021-2025) supported by the Dutch government under the Power of Voices framework. The DiCA project is aimed at amplifying the voice of people with disability in the climate action agenda and seeks for locally- sharped novel solutions to climate change challenges especially those affecting people living with disabilities (PWDs), thereby, leaving no one behind. Therefore, CEJ is seeking for consultancy services from highly motivated and qualified consultant to develop a lobby and advocacy strategy for disability inclusion in climate action.

In the narrative the voices of climate action under the DiCA project focuses on challenges PWD face and the local solutions to those challenges. The story telling is inclusive of gender, different age groups and abilities.

In Njaame and Ngombe Ilede CEJ will capture on video the story of two differently abled people (a man and a woman) with very insightful stories on how they became disable and the journey of survival amidst the climate change paradox. The focal point of the activity is Tuhunane Drama Group composed of 10 active young people among them 2 (two) are differently abled. The group will perform songs and drama sketches in the communities of Musaya, Ngombe Ilede, Sikoongo and Njame Wards.

The objective of this call for services is to film a short documentary (5 minutes) as well as photography for persons living with disabilities under the theme “Singing and Dancing for Climate Action and The Journey of Survival Amidst the climate Change Paradox” to be conducted in Chirundu District at Njame and Ngombe Illende Ward for a period of 3 days. The objective of this assignment is to ensure that voices of persons living with disabilities as it relates to Climate Change inclusiveness is amplified and stories of the various challenges that the Disabled go through are heard to the world at large.

Application Procedure

Interested applicants should send their documents including a Expression of Interest, Certificate of registration (if operating under a company or firm), Tax Clearance Certificate, proposed quotation for the assignment and a list of three (3) traceable referees to: and copied to, and

Deadline of receiving applications is 20th May, 2022. Any applications received after this date shall not be considered.