Our Environment, Our Responsibility

2023 Environmental Protection Dialogue


Date: 10th - 12th October 2023

Venue: Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Kenneth Kaunda Wing,

Lusaka - Zambia

2023 Environmental Protection Dialogue: Call for Convening Partners

The Ministry of Green Economy and Environment (MoGEE) and Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) are pleased to announce the hosting of the 2023 Environmental Protection Dialogue dubbed ‘EPD2023’. The dialogue is scheduled for 10th to 12th October 2023 at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Kenneth Kaunda Wing, Lusaka – Zambia with the theme: “Environmental Equity and Equal Protection.” 

The Environmental Protection Dialogue (EPD) is an environmental accountability space for all sectors aimed at co-creating solutions to Zambia’s key environmental challenges through effective dialogue. It was tailored to operate as an annual platform for multi-stakeholders to; (1) create an action oriented platform for engagement of government, traditional leaders, communities, cooperating partners, civil society organisations, academia, youth and women: 2) deliberate upon issues surrounding environmental policy, plans, mechanisms and frameworks, as well as capacity to attain set national objectives, implement actions on environmental protection in all sector and enhanced policy dialogue for improved decision making at national level; (3)acting as a platform for monitoring the implementation of the environmental sustainability pillar of the 8NDP, and (4) focus on finding win-win solutions that can address both environmental challenges and wellbeing of our communities and sustained exchange of experiences and information on how we can safeguard the environment while enhancing people’s livelihoods. Since its inaugural in 2020, CEJ and its associated partners has facilitated three Environmental Protection Dialogues thus EPD2020, EPD2021 & EPD2023. The Government of the Republic of Zambia has been instrumental in hosting the Environmental protection dialogue since its inaugural in 2020 to date.

EPD2023 Overall goal:

 To hasten the progression towards environmental justice, equity, protection and rule of law.

EPD2023 Strategic objectives:

  1. Secure key decisions and recommendations in addressing threats of environmental injustices.
  2. Identify current gaps in the environmental law compliance and enforcement, and cocreating recommendations to strengthen them.
  3. Strengthen environmental justice and human rights for vulnerable and marginalised communities in Zambia.
  4. Strengthen environmental management and governance accountability between the state and all other non-state actors including the private sector.
  5. Develop concrete action plans and recommendations in achieving environmental equity, protection, justice and rule of law.

How to become a Convening Partner

If you would like to be a convening partner at the 2023 Environmental Protection Dialogue, please fill in the form below and the organising committee shall contact you within 72Hours with more details. We are excited to partner with you.

Contributions can be made through bank transfer to CEJ or partners can pay directly to venders based on the budget component they wish to support. Contact Finance at or call +260977256172 / +260977123413 

For more information on the EPD event please contact CEJ on e-mail: or call: +260964244255 / +260971095366 / +260954713003